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Who are we? - SPIN2 Desk

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SPIN2 Desk - Enterprise Europe Network

SPIN2 is a service provided by both the Valle d’Aosta Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere in Piedmont, the purpose of which is to promote and sustain businesses in the area, help them become more international, to innovate, and to transfer technology into local companies.

The desk, which is part of the European Enterprise Europe Network, promotes the Valle d’Aosta in the following ways:

  • running projects in favour of innovative strategic sectors which are particularly important for the Chamber, mainly to promote Valle d’Aosta companies overseas
  • running IT desks, databases, repertoires, and watch groups for local and regional companies
  • encouraging and promoting meetings and cooperation between companies: databases to help find business partners (technological, business, and financial), and brokerage events
  • the circulation of data, news, and information about overseas markets and technological transfers
  • organising promotional activities: business missions and meetings, taking part in Italian and overseas trade fairs, welcoming buyers and suppliers from foreign countries
  • help and advice with taking part in European tenders and projects and applying for finance
  • collaboration, thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, with European Commission departments to implement European projects
  • collaboration with other international institutions and specialist structures in Italian and foreign Chambers of Commerce

Who are we?

Chambre valdôtaine - Sportello SPIN2
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