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Aosta Valley

Political and physical features

  • Special Status and regional autonomy with exclusive legislative powers
  • French-Italian bilingualism
  • The smallest Italian region, with a surface area of only 2,030 square miles
  • A typical alpine region: a third of its surface is above 8,f00 ft high
  • In the north-west of Italy, on the border with France and Switzerland.
    • 60 miles from Turin
    • 110 miles from Milan
    • 90 miles from Geneva
    • 150 miles Genoa and Basle
    • 190 miles from Lyon

Infrastructure in the Region

  • 2 tunnels: Mont Blanc Tunnel and Great St. Bernard tunnel
  • 2 summer alpine passes: the Little St. Bernard pass towards France and the Great St. Bernard Pass towards Switzerland
  • A motorway, train and airport network (Aosta, Geneva, Milan Malpensa, Turin Caselle)
  • University of the Aosta Valley, professional institutions, specialisation schools, training centres
  • Ownership of the hydroelectric production grid

Economic environment

  • Economic indicators aligned with national and European average
  • Special parks for industrial, artisan, high-tech service sector and logistics businesses
  • Regional businesses in the service industry and financial services with offices in Paris and Brussels
  • International businesses in the field of electronics, mechanics, components, sport and leisure, food and IT
  • Proximity to important technological, economic and financial hubs

Quality of life

  • Highest summits in Europe (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa)• Ski resorts: approximately 530 miles of pistes
  • Sport: ski, trekking, mountain bike, hiking, climbing, rafting, canyoning, downhill mountain biking, gliding...
  • National parks, botanical garden, nature reserves (Gran Paradiso National Park, Mont Avic Regional Park, Chanousia, Saussurea, Paradisia, Castello Savoia Park)
  • Rich archaeological heritage spanning thousands of years (prehistoric megalithic monuments and significant Roman remains)
  • Over 100 medieval castles, towers and fortresses, modified over the years to become Renaissance homes, Romanesque and Baroque churches
  • Leisure: shopping, gastronomy, folklore, crafts, local fairs, traditional sports
  • Casino de la Vallée: play, spectacle, welcome, conferences

Aosta Valley

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